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SINBAD starts in 2019, leveraging a strong experience, leading Digital Transformation in many different industries (Banking, Insurance, Engergy, Transport and Telecommunications)

The fundation concept is to increase efficency though simplicity. Simbad delivers this vision through a web based platform we offer both our customers, partners and employees. We think ahead  business relationship, processes automation.

We promote a vision of a new deal that mixes project management best practices, data & Artificial Intelligence to foster innovation.

Customers, Partners, Consultants, SINBAD is for you, to build success together, join us: we will make it!

Martin LE BARS

Martin Le Bars

About Us

"If you want to go on the sea without any risk of capsizing, then do not buy a boat: buy an island!"

Our commitment to our customers is the guarantee  of projects success

"Reality owes a lot to the imagination"


In a world that is changing faster, knowing how to get out of the box to propose new solutions is the key to success.

"Looking at the earth from far away, you realize that it is too small for there to be conflict and just big enough for cooperation. "


To develop your solution, we will find the best consultant or the best partner to realize it.

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens."


Good listening helps to understand a problem in order to bring out a beginning of solution. That's why the majority of our interventions starts with an audit phase in order to provide an outside perspective to your context.

This is the contribution of our added value, which will justify the good financial health of our partnership.

In today's world, the challenges are immense, the means developed by mankind on the cultural, scientific and political levels must allow us to meet this new challenge. Art is first a source of inexhaustible creativity, it also makes it possible to develop an activity with a reasonable ecological footprint and finally art does not go without pleasure ! 





Make an inventory and map your business situation and I.T.
- Audit of processes
- Analysis of service contracts
- Supplier Analysis
Benchmark your processes KPI to market best practices and identify avenues of improvement, build a plan for implementation and quality invrease.
Iimplementat I.T. Service Contract Management, with the relevant KPIs to drive your IT.

Business Analysis

We are able to commit to reaching best in class performance adapted yo your context and the goals we will frame together

- Build general specifications
- Build detailed specifications
- Workshop animation with the relevant stakeholders
- Waterfall or Agile project management level

- Assist your businesses in the roll out, cutover and maintenance of your systems

Our Product Owners and Proxy Product owners will steer your transformation

Innovation and Design

We propose to define together creative sessions to bring out new uses(Usages? je ne suis pas trop sur)
and the corresponding solutions. Innovation can be implemented according to the LUMIAMI model:
- What could we look at in a new way, or from a new perspective?
- What could we use in a new way, or for the first time?
- What could we move, changing its position in time or space?
- What could we interconnect in a different way, or for the first time?
- What could we alter or change, in terms of design and performance?
- What could we make, creating something that is truly new?
- What could we imagine to create a great experience for someone?

And the last is discreet and can be very effective. Remove elements from the environment to simplify it and create new use case.
Our Agile Coach and Scrum Master animate these digital transformation projects while our UX / UI experts define business scenarios and application design.

Program Management

We are committed to helping you carry projects by adapting to your context and personalizing our approach in accordance with market standards:
- The definition of a RoadMAP
- The measurement of ROI
- Risk Management
- Planning and meeting deadlines
- Budget management
- Communication


Data and Artificial Intelligence

In parallel with the project cycle, we support you on the data cycle which concentrates the knowledge of the company. For this we treat in parallel the different phases of the data cycle:
- Defining the governance of the data
- Defining a functional and technical architecture
- Exploitation and exploration of data by data-science and data-viz methods
- Implementation of Artificial Intelligence solution (Chat-Bot, Expert System, Data-Marketing ...), for this it will take 3 prerequisites:

1) a specific objective
2) existing data
3) connectors with A.I.
In this context, we want to support our customers to cross wall of Intelligence by positioning ourselves at the crossroads of trade and technical teams.
These missions will be carried out by our experts, data-architect, datascientist, data analyst and expert in A.I.

Partners Management

The selection of targeted partners
When we assist you in the implementation of new solutions, our knowledge of the market allows us to find the right partner that meets your expectations in the implementation of your solutions:
- Software publisher
- Software Package Integrator
- Quality Expertise, Cyber-Security
- Infrastructure and Cloud Host
- Institutional Communication Advice

The financial sector

We support banks and Insurances in their tranfromation journey :

- Customer Account Management, Multi-Channel
- Credits Commitments
- Electronic payment and means of payment
- Savings and Securities Management
- Property and Casualty Insurance
- Life Insurance, Health
- Disaster management
- Regulatory standards: Bales IV, Solvency II, GDPR, DSP2

We support you on the different phases of the project cycle (CManagement, deployment ...) on  front-office and back-office activities with the intervention of consultants with at least 5 years of experience.
Our strength: to facilitate communication between technical and business teams thanks to our understanding of the needs of the former and the stakes of the latter.

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